US troops killed two ‘armed individuals’ at Kabul airport

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden will return to the White House today to address the nation on the US evacuation from Afghanistan. His address will come a day after the Taliban took control of the country.

The Pentagon has said two “armed people”, who may not be Taliban individuals, were shot by US troops in Kabul. One fighter is injured. Before this, no less than seven individuals were killed at Kabul air terminal as hundreds attempted to persuasively enter planes departing the Afghan capital, witnesses told Reuters.

In Kabul, a strained quiet set in, with a great many people stowing away in their homes as the Taliban conveyed contenders at significant crossing points. There were dispersed reports of plundering and furnished men thumping on entryways and doors, and there was less traffic than expected on shockingly calm roads. Taliban contenders were seen looking through vehicles at one of the city’s fundamental squares.

In the mean time, India said it is in contact with agents of Afghan Sikh, Hindu people group. “We’ll work with bringing home to India of the individuals who wishes to leave Afghanistan,” MEA representative Arindam Bagchi said during a preparation.

Kabul, the ultimate prize in every Afghanistan war, fell to the Taliban on Sunday, completing their takeover of the country in a lightning offensive that saw provinces and warlords give up without a fight, days after the hasty withdrawal of the US troops.


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