10 Tips to Earn Money from Blogging in Nigeria Legitimately

Earn Money from Blogging in Nigeria: I realize that you have a blog or you will want to create one soon, yet you are contemplating how to make money from blogging. You should ask, how do bloggers get paid by blogging in Nigeria? How do bloggers receive their cash? We will uncover every one of the tips to you in this article.

The demonstration of bringing in cash from your blog is called blog adaptation and it tends to be truly productive in the event that you know what you are doing. bring in cash publishing content to a blog in Nigeria.

It’s in every case exceptionally simple to Create a Blog yet it is customarily extremely challenging to bring in cash from it.

The fundamental justification this is that numerous bloggers, particularly new ones, don’t comprehend the essentials of publishing content to a blog just as Blog Monetization.

There are many sites in Nigeria that are making as high as $120,000 per_month while there are a huge number of different online journals that don’t make a dime.

These web journals that make gigantic measures of cash each month will consistently get more cash-flow and they are developing while those that are not bringing in any cash may never acquire whatsoever. That is the means by which it is.

Along these lines, If you are bringing in cash from your blog, this article may assist you with expanding your income. In case you are not acquiring by any means, this article will direct you on the most ideal ways you can bring in cash from your blog.

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There are numerous ways you can procure from your Blog. I need to give you the most ideal approaches to bring in cash from Blog in Nigeria.

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10 Tips to Earn Money from Blogging in Nigeria.

1. Google AdSense

This is the best option out there on how to earn money from blogging in Nigeria. AdSense is owned and controlled by the Alphabet company, Google.

Google AdSense is a pay per click advertising network that allows the owners of blogs or website to earn money from their blog when user click on the advert place on their blog.

Google AdSense pays every month when you reach the payment threshold of/$100.

2. Placing Company’s Adverts on Your Blog.

On the off chance that your blog has sensible web traffic, make a page and name it “Promote with Us”. Connect with likely Advertisers and haggle on sensible Advertising Fees.

They will pay you consistently. Linda Ikeji makes a large number of Naira month to month from this strategy on her Blog.

Attempt it and check whether you won’t bless each payday. FRSC recruitment3. Associate Program

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The development of eCommerce Stores in Nigeria like Jumia, Konga and different has reform blog adaptation in Nigeria. Previously, you should have a steered Pay Pal record to bring in cash from associate promoting.

Presently the story have changed. You can make tremendous every day pay from Jumia and Konga member program. in 2015, the proprietor of Naijpapers.com was the main Bloggers to make N1 Million from Konga subsidiary.

Numerous bloggers like Jide of Ogbonge Blog and other are bringing in much cash from these offshoot program. Simply allude a companion from your blog to purchase from any of the stores and they will pay you commission if the individual purchases from your connection.

3. Sell Digital Products

Develop a product and sell it to your blog reader. You can make an e-book, audiobook, podcasts, or video classes.

Make e-books and market them madly through your blog, social media accounts, forums, WhatsApp groups, Blackberry messenger, and word of mouth to friends and family. airtel data plan

Repeat the same process for all digital products you will make thereafter.

4. Provide Consulting Services on Your Blog.

Start a consulting service by putting yourself as a specialist in the subject of your blog niche. Offer to show others how to blog, compose for the web, set up websites, and do email showcasing.

5. Sell Advert Spaces on Your Blog

Selling spaces for adverts through your blog to advertisers on pay per click (PPC) is a sure way to make money blogging in Nigeria.

6. Become an Affiliate Marketer to Sell Digital Products.

Affiliate Marketing business in Nigeria is perhaps the most profitable web business to venture into. Sell digital items you don’t own through your blog. Spot partner connections of the items or administrations you are advancing in your articles and blog posts. Register with Clickbank and sell digital items.

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7. Review Products

Write a review of any product you wish to promote in your blog and recommend it to people in your email list. When they buy the product, you earn a commission.

8. Do Freelance Jobs

Freelance jobs are ways to make money blogging in Nigeria. Go and get freelance jobs through your blog, write for others, and receive a fee for your efforts.

9. Write a book on interesting topics.

You can make money by writing a book on any topic of your interest sell on your blog. You can also sell your books on Okadabooks, Amazon kindle and Createspace.

10. Create a Private Membership Forum

If you have credibility and followers, who trust that your expert knowledge will benefit their business or lives, create a private membership forum.

There are several other ways to earn money from your blog in Nigeria legitimately but those are the best choice selected among many others. The amount of money you can make depends on your knowledge of blogging and your blogging niche.

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