History of the Taliban militant group

History Of The Taliban Militant Group

Earlier in 2021, the Taliban disclosed that it wanted a “genuine Islamic system” for Afghanistan that would make available for women’s and minority rights, in line with cultural traditions and religious rules. President Ashraf Ghani has left the country. Two Taliban authorities told Reuters on Sunday there would be no …

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5 Crucial Things To Consider When Choosing A Career

Crucial Things To Consider When Choosing A Career

Crucial Things To Consider When Choosing A Career: Choosing a career is a big decision. In order to make sure that you are successful, consider the following information. The first thing to consider when choosing a career is which kind of work environment you prefer. Do you like to be …

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Indecent Dressing: Effects, Causes and Solutions

Indecent Dressing Causes And Effects

Indecent Dressing: As the name suggests, indecent dressing is a type of attire that is not suitable to be worn in public. Clothing that falls into this category includes skimpy dresses, skirts that are too short, etc. Inappropriate dressing has become the norm in society and it is becoming increasingly …

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10 Proven Ways to Improve Your Job Skills

Proven Ways To Improve Your Job Skills

Proven Ways to Improve Your Job Skills: There are many ways to improve your job skills. Here are some tips: – Do informational interviews with people in the field – Learn a new skill on the side like web development, design, etc. – Take an online course on a platform …

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Top Highly Paid Education Jobs That Will Be in Demand

Top Highly Paid Education Jobs That Will Be In Demand

Highly Paid Education Jobs: This post will focus on the roles and responsibilities of careers in the education industry. Professionals in this industry are often expected to exhibit a high level of knowledge and expertise in their field. They should have a strong understanding of teaching methods, pedagogy, child development, …

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The Life of an Icon: Biography of Rachel Oniga

The Life Of An Icon: Biography Of Rachel Oniga

Biography of Rachel Oniga: Rachel Oniga, one of the most iconic female athletes in the world for her time who has broken records and won several gold medals. It is precisely because of the lack of opportunities for women in Nigeria that Rachel leaves her home country to pursue a …

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What is the Difference Between a Blog and Website

Blog Vs Website Difference

The main difference between a blog and website is that a blog focuses on publishing articles for the audience to read at their own convenience, while with a website the content should be designed in order to attract customers. To summarize, blogs are an online journal where readers can browse …

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What is a Letter of Recommendation and Why You Need One

Letter Of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is a letter from one person who knows another person to a third person, usually for the purpose of supporting the application for some kind of position. A letter of recommendation is not just about stating facts, it is as much about demonstrating your personality and …

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